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Blanca Martí

Scientific illustration and Wildlife Art

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I was born on the 24th of March 1981 in Barcelona. I studied History of Art at the University of Barcelona (2004). At the same time I studied Illustration at Escola de la Dona, a public school in Barcelona ( 2003-2006), and drawing at Escuela de pintura Olga Valls ( 2002-2005). I specialised in scientific Illustration through various courses at the University of Barcelona with the Galanthus Association and at the University of Valencia with the illustrator Carles Puche. I am still learning alongside the painter Rosa Vidal Tosas.


Published work and exhibitions

My illustrations have appeared in various national and international publications: scientific and educational books in Catalonia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Nicaragua, and also on posters for natural parks: the Parc Natural del Montnegre i El Corredor, Parc del Foix in metropolitan Barcelona and the Dindefello Reserve in Senegal, among others. I have also illustrated teaching materials for nature resorts and animal reserves such as Molló Parc or Centre d’Estudi i divulgació del Llop Signatus. I'm currently working on projects for the publisher Zona Tropical of Costa Rica and participating in the volume Bats from the collection Handbook of the Mammals of the World.


Teaching experience


I am currently coordinating a Master Cours in Scientific Illustration at the University of Girona (2022-23) and teaching in the Primatology Master at Fundación Mona and the University of Girona (2014-23) and Postgraduates courses in Knowledge of the animal world with Animal Latitude and the University of Barcelona (2016-2017). I have run drawing courses in collaboration with a range of entities Museums and Arts Schools. I have given courses at the University of Granada for the Darwin Eventur association, in Córdoba for the Ethology Masters Degree and at Barcelona’s Botanic Gardens, among others.








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