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Blanca Martí

Scientific illustration and Wildlife Art

Muntanyeta_Senyal llac 2.jpg

Poster about the Golden eagle. 

Molló Parc. The animal park of the Pyreenes.



Posters of the flora and fauna of the Metropolitan Parks of Barcelona.

Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona





Posters about the natural space of les Guilleries-Savassona.

Can Mateu, a natural education house. Naturalea, a company for environmental services.





Posters about the flora and fauna of Foix Park 

Santa Margarida i Els Monjos Town Council



Posters of the flora and fauna of Montnegre i el Corredor Nature Reserve

Mataró Town Council




© 2023 Blanca Martí de Ahumada

Poster about the life of chimpanzees and other animals in the Dindefello Reserve, Senegal.

Jane Goodall Institute.

Design by Kasakuaba design factory.




Posters about the birds of the fields and the woods. Montnegre i el Corredor Nature Reserve

Environmental services company, Rial Educació Ambiental




Poster of forest schem for Selvans Association.
Old forest



Poster of the butterflies of the park of Pi gros.

L'Arrel association and Metropolitan Area of Barcelona





Posters about the livestock tracks and the ecosystems of the ponds of Terres de l'Ebre.
Generalitat de Catalunya


Poster about the ecosystem of la Moixina,

City Council of Olot and Tosca. Environmental, Education and Tourism Services.

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