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Blanca Martí

Scientific illustration and Wildlife Art


Exhibition in Estany d'Ivars i Vila Sana. Cal Sinén. February 2022.


Exhibition in the Granollers Museum of Natural Sciences. Granollers. January-February 2018.






Exhibition in Delta Birding Festival. Delta del Ebre. September 2018.





Drawings for a roving exhibition about the wolf.

Organised and coordinated by Signatus Centre for Research and Awareness of the Wolf

Exhibition in the Sagrada Familia Library as part of the “I Draw Science” Project, organised by Ilustraciencia and the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication



© 2023 Blanca Martí de Ahumada

Collective exhibition Art welcomes the wolf.

Museu dels Volcans d'Olot, 2017.

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